Eric Peppe
Pianist, Accompanist, and Piano Technician
Tuning Services
Scheduling of appointments and phone consultations are available Monday through Sunday at all hours by either Eric or Helen Peppe.

We offer piano tuning for studio sized and condominium pianos, spinets, uprights, and small to concert sized grands. We will tune player pianos for their acoustic function only.

Piano tuning fees include the minor repair of sticking keys, miscellaneous vibrating sounds, and squeaking pedals. Vacuuming is available.

Maintenance Schedule
We strongly recommend and encourage regular tunings of all pianos. Seasonal changes and humidity change the shape of the sound board in the piano and, if a piano remains untuned, tuning stability and tone will suffer. We tune all pianos to the pitch requested if possible. The standard is A-440.

We install Dampp-Chaser Systems, but we highly recommend external humidity control in homes when it is possible (humidifiers and air conditioners). Humidity level, in the room the piano is kept, should be 42-45% year round.