Eric Peppe
Pianist, Accompanist, and Piano Technician
We strongly recommend that all used pianos be evaluated by a professional technician prior to purchase. Even those "free pianos" are not free. There are moving costs which often start at $250 regardless of distance. It is very discouraging to pay to have a "free" piano moved to your home only to discover that it cannot be tuned, but is "condemned" as unplayable by the piano technician and the piano teacher. Often pianos are free for a reason and that reason is the owner doesn't want to take the time or spend the money relocating it to the dump.

Which brings us to an important fact: The dump is not the wisest place to shop for a used piano even if the piano is simply an experiment to see if your child wants to play. We get, sadly, too many calls from people who "shop" at the dump or at a yard sale, think they have stumbled upon the secret location of quality free pianos, bring them to their homes, and then call us to tune them. It is so rare that an instrument found for free (or nearly free) is worthy of any child's request for an instrument that we strongly advise leaving the piano at the dump or in the yard where it rests for good reason.

Evaluations and piano appraisals begin at $40 depending on the customer's request and the location of the piano. Call or e-mail us for more information.