Eric Peppe
Pianist, Accompanist, and Piano Technician
Eric Peppe Eric Peppe has entertained Southern Maine with his piano talent for over twenty-five years, from playing musicals and private functions to accompanying instrumentalists and Musica de Filia.

His love for playing the piano brought with it a frustration that many of the instruments he practiced and performed on were not in tune. Twenty years ago he decided to solve that problem. He purchased a tuning hammer and apprenticed himself to several tuners in the area. Before long, he discovered that his frustration with out of tune pianos was shared by many pianists, and he decided to tune and repair pianos professionally.

His career includes several pianistic scholarships and awards, including the Berliowski Award and the Rossini Scholarship. Eric is a professional pianist, audio engineer, and piano technician living in Westbrook, Maine, with his family, two members of which are two of his proudest accomplishments.

Eric Peppe
Eric's son, Alex, and daughter, Morgan
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